Permaculture for Peace / Пермакультура для Миру
Publikováno 9. 11. 2017

Denisa Tomášková

Denisa Tomášková is a leading Czech permaculture teacher and a designer. Currently, she teaches a PDC and designs gardens, water solutions for landscape (ponds, keyline design) and urban permaculture areas mainly in Central Bohemia. Her background is in garden architecture. She studied restorative and permaculture agriculture with Bill Mollison, Geoff Lawton, Darren Doherty and others. Her webpage is

Introduction to permaculture farming

Key definitions and differences between conventional agriculture, organic agriculture and permaculture agriculture.

An overview of various methods and types of permaculture farming in the world.

Regenerative agriculture (Mark Shepard, Darren Doherty, Ben Falk, Richard Perkins, Sepp Holzer and others), using of perennials and edible forest in agriculture, agroforestry, silvopasture and other methods of creating systems close to the natural ecosystems and of getting yield from them. Incorporating animals into the cycles of the farms.
• Joel Salatin’s (Polyface Farms) strategy for permaculture farming.
• Yeoman’s Keyline Design – water and soil management for the landscapes.
• Sustainable grains – Fukuoka-Bonfils method of growing cereals without ploughing.
• Holistic Management – method for responsible and functional planning and managing farm systems.

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